BEyond the spectacle – online talks

21 June 2023, 6-8 p.m.

Beyond the SpectacleOnline Talks

21 June 2023, 6-8 p.m. (CET)

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Panel 1: Capitalist burden on ephemeral art (at 6 p.m.)

Panelists: Agustina Strüngmann, Damian Lentini, Giulia Zabarella, Simon Pfeffel

Moderator: Natasha Jozi

How does ephemeral art survive and thrive in capitalist art market? Is making an art object may it be in form of an artefact, a remnant or a documentation of an event an outmoded expectation? Is the necessity of a spectacle or display an unnecessary burden on artists? This panel discussion aims to address these concerns and open dialogue towards the role institutions play in shaping frameworks of displaying and engaging with art. It furthermore aims to shed light on the ways artists are engaging with the white cube space, while working within certain frameworks and also brining art outside these spaces to the public. 

Panel 2: Nature, ritual and metaphysical presence of body (at 7 p.m.)

Panelists: Veronika Dräxler, Yasaman Pishvaei, Maria Noujaim

Moderator: Natasha Jozi

Is there a spiritual, metaphysical experience at the core of art? How much do we value art that does not appear intuitively or socially productive? This panel delves deep into examining ways artists approach their art practices, maintain intimacy in their work and how they navigate the purity of the isolated process of creating art. It aims to question is anything lost in the essence of art while making it into an object and whether the sanctity of the lived experience of the artist is threatened through the imposition of the mediated experience of the broader audience. We further examine how can artists who work with culturally, socially, and experientially specific themes and rituals engage with a broader art community.

Ausstellung | Exhibition

15. 06. – 06. 07. 2023

Mo – Fr: 10 – 17 Uhr
Halle der PLATFORM

Kuratiert von | Curated by Natasha Jozi

Künstler*innen | Artists

Vafa Aminikia, Sandra Bejarano, Veronika Dräxler, Maria Noujaim, Yasmana Pishvaei, Simon Pfeffel, Frauke Zabel, Giulia Zabarella

Grafik: Studio Mllr